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TMSA third edition -  Management Review / Audit


TMSA third edition - SMS support



Who is Chemical Marine



Capt. Axel Kahl (Dipl. Wirt. Ing. f.S.)

Independent Consultant and owner of Chemical Marine



History & Experience



From OS to Master

Working in the Chemical Tanker Industry since 1985.

Officer on a Chemical Tanker

Superintendent Logistic of Oil Disposal / Oil recovery and other

QA and Ops Manager at UCT - a Chemical Tanker Pool Operator

Ship Quality Assessor at STASCO vetting department

Marine Technical Manager SHELL Chemicals

Independent Consultant



Master Mariner

EOQ/DGQ Quality Manager

EOQ/DGQ Auditor (expired)

Accredited OCIMF Inspector for Oil and Chemicals (suspended)

ICS 100, 200 and 300

Propylene Oxide training for ships command

(Expired: Risk Preventive Officer: Sea, Road, Rail and Barges plus ADNR Certificate).


Capt. Axel Kahl 

Chemical Marine

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